FIRST SIGNS OF CANCER APPEAR ON YOUR HANDS: Examine your hands and identify the disease on time

Hands are one of the most used parts of the body. We shake hands, lift and lower things, get dirty. Most of us don’t take enough care of them. Take a look at your fists and see if you can see any signs of cancer.

Dry cracks in the hands

Although it is quite normal for hands to become dry due to the constant use of balm, sometimes that dry skin can resist even the use of creams and lotions. In that case you should see a doctor. Dry skin on the back of the hands and places that have lost color can indicate a more serious problem.

Swollen hands

Cancer is known to make changes throughout the body, so if you notice anything strange, you should see a doctor immediately. If your hands are swollen or bloated, seek professional help immediately.

Pain in the hands

If you feel pain in your hands for no reason, it can be one of the symptoms of cancer. It causes pain in various organs, and this includes the hands. Cancer in a completely different part of the body can manifest itself through pain in the hands.

Other Cancer Symptoms

Hands are just one of the possible symptoms.

Sudden weight loss, hoarseness, constant fatigue, irritating and persistent cough can also be signs of cancer.