Five Dull Low Back Pain Tricks — Will These Help You

When your back hurts, you want to get rid of it fast! While other people are spending thousands of dollars at the Chiropractor, you can get rid of dull low back pain easily at home.


According to the New York Times, dull low back pain may be caused from the nerves, spine, a hernia, ovary trouble, testicle trouble, bacterial infection, or even pregnancy. Once a doctor has ruled out any serious causes, you can use these tricks to get rid of lower back pain.

Five Tricks to Ease Low Back Pain

If your back pain has just begun, it is best to wait a few days to help calm down the symptoms and allow any inflammation to reduce. During these first few days, use ice or heat compresses. After the first initial days of back pain are over, try these 5 tricks to help ease your pain.