Five of the Most Popular Ways to Meditate

Meditation techniques vary, though it can take time to figure out which style is most fitting for you. If you find it hard to sit still, for instance, you might enjoy meditating as you walk. Then again, you may prefer to meditate while you rest in a comfy chair or lay on your bed, in which case visualization meditation could be a great choice. Here are five popular methods of meditation and a description of how to practice them.

1. Body Scan Meditation
The body scan meditation can help to reduce stress and increase mindfulness for enhanced mental health. This simple practice calls you to focus on your body as you mentally scan from head to toe, noting different sensations. Begin with deep breaths while sitting comfortably. Next, close your eyes and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Notice how your body feels, beginning at the crown of your head. Are you comfortable, or uncomfortable? There’s no need to do anything. Just recognize sensations as you scan along your body to the tip of your toes.