For All The Ladies Who Shave Their Body Hair

Let’s get back in 2013, when one photographer called Petra Collins, published one photo on Instagram, where she showed her body hair.

This photo was deleted by Instagram. It was not the only case when Instagram erases ones photo.

In 2017 Ashley Ghraham claimed that when she is in her period she is in full blush, Furthermore, Amber Rose also published one photo on Instagram and Twitter, where she showed her intimate hair.

As expected, Instagram deleted the photo, again, describing it as inappropriate. But, the photo has left on Twitter. You can find it there.

More body hair!

Trend called thick brows is born from the above mentioned one.

All in all, elimination of the body hair is a personal decision. Personal preference cannot be changed, What you and your partner prefer, that is how it’s going to be. No one is going to force you on something that you don’t want.