Grow Back Your Receding Gums In 2 Weeks By Only Using These Natural Homemade Remedies

Receding gums is another common dental condition, and some of its first symptoms include:

  • Higher sensitivity
  • Larger or longer looking teeth
  • Tooth ache

Therefore, it is important to immediately take action and visit the dentist as soon as you notice even a tiny gap between the gums and teeth. Then you will go under a tooth scaling process which will remove plague and tartar from the area between and beyond the gum line. However, if your situation is not that serious, you can prevent receding gums using natural homemade therapies and remedies.

1. Coconut or Sesame Oil
Both coconut and sesame oil are loaded with potent anti-inflammatory properties and have been used to treat cavities and remove toxins from the oral cavity for centuries now. They also tend to coat the teeth and protect them.

2. Green tea
Most of us are aware with the health beneficial properties green tea provides, but many people haven’t heard of green tea as a natural remedy that helps tighten the bond between the gums and teeth and reduce inflammation and swelling.