Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face. Number 9 Will Completely Disappoint You

The skin on the face is very sensitive, so we have to be very careful with it. We need to pay attention to the creams and lotions we use and clean our face regularly. But here are 10 things that can do more harm than good to your face.

Lemon is a very acidic fruit and can damage your skin. It changes the pH of the mantle and irritates the skin.

It is known that women apply lacquer to the face to prolong the duration of makeup. But the lacquer contains alcohol that damages the eyes and skin. Then your skin will be flaky and sticky.

People put toothpaste on the buttons to dry them but the toothpaste will dry the surrounding area of your skin and it will leave dark spots. Use benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil.