Here Is How to Kill the Bacterium That Causes Heartburn and Bloating

Helicobacter pylorus is a bacterium that affects the digestive system. This bacterium is ingested from contaminated water or food, and it can cause serious health issues such as stomach ulcers and cancer because it destroys the stomach lining.

Luckily, there are powerful natural remedies that you can prepare from the comfort of your own home and treat the infection. You will not have to expose yourself to the harmful side effects of over-the-counter meds.

What Type of Bacterium Is H. Pylori?

This is a spiral bacterium which is usually created in the mucosal layer that protects the lining of the small intestine and the stomach. It is also known as ulcer bacteria due to its production of a cytotoxin that is known to contribute to the formation of ulcers in the digestive system.