Here’s What The Shape Of The Nose Says About Your Character

Find your nose shape and find out what this means about you. These results were confirmed by professor Abraham Tamir, from Ben-Gurion University in Israel. The results of his study were published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

Here we will present 8 different nose forms and their special features:

1. Nubian nose
The Nubian shape is distinguished primarily by its length. The bridge is almost flat, and the wide point of the nose is directed downward. People with this form of the nose are reportedly curious and inquisitive. They are optimistic, cute and always looking for a solution to every problem.

2. Greek nose
His name comes from sculptures of Greek antiquity. Most of them got that nose from the artist. It is distinguished by the fact that it is narrow and long, and it is flat in shape. The owners of such a nose are abstained and do not like being at the center of attention. They are very practical and loyal. It is difficult for them to openly discuss their feelings and are considered withdrawn.