Here’s What Your Period is Saying About Your Health

There isn’t a woman that doesn’t hate that time of the month. Feeling sick and bloated isn’t quite the nicest feeling. Menstrual periods are normal and every woman must go through it each month. However, sometimes the period can tell a lot about the woman’s health. Make sure to take notice of your flow and other period symptoms because they can tell you a lot about your health.

So here’s what your period is saying about your health:

1. Color and Flow

Dr. Alisa Vitti, functional nutritionist and a holistic health counselor explains that period colors can be described in 3 ways: strawberry jam, cranberry juice and frozen blueberries. She also claims that the color of the period blood can reveal a lot about a woman’s hormonal health.

Women with strawberry jam periods might have low estrogen levels. Their period can get patchy and it’s often late.

Women that have a flow with the color of frozen blueberries might have high estrogen levels. They will also experience heavier cycles because their uterus lining is thicker than normal.

The perfect period color is the cranberry juice. It’s not too heavy and will start and end just in time.