Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Legs, Knees and Thighs

Home Remedies to get rid of dark spots, scars, marks on legs
Are you facing dark spots and marks on your legs? I can understand as when we are wearing short dresses those marks become prominent and of course you won’t wish to show them to the world. Smooth legs with no spotting are most of the girls desire but at time those dark spots would creep up on the legs. They look unflattering and are definitely unwanted. So, which are the ways with which you can surely get rid of these dark spots. But firstly, know why these come up.

What Causes Dark Spots?

Dark spots on the legs can be due to various reasons like shaving, pregnancy or they can be due to the vitamin deficiency as well. These spots can be black, brown or reddish brown in color. One of the other reasons for these spots can be mosquito bites. Yes, mosquito bites may leave those temporary swelling of skin which is inflamed and is reddish in color. But once it is scratched too much the skin area can become dark and they looks like scars. Hence, insect bites can also be a cause for this.
Hereditary conditions also have a role to play here. Even liver diseases or syndromes are responsible. You can see marks on legs, knees, between the knees due to that. Age spots and skin aging also cause them or even the increase in melanin unevenly can results in patchiness on the legs and other body parts. Over sun exposure is also a common cause that can make dark spots happen. The discoloration and irregular skin tone can be due to the melanin which enhances irregularly at certain places resulting in that patchiness.
So, whatever is the cause, we just wish to remove them from legs, hands, face or other body part. Here, we will be sharing these natural remedies that you can try to get rid of the spots from the legs, thighs etc.