Hormones That Make Women Gain Weight

If you’re someone who has done their best to shed a few pounds and has been unable to do so, you should probably check your hormone levels. If certain hormones aren’t balanced, metabolic functions become slower.

This might even be caused due to menstruation, pregnancy, or even menopause. Everything, from the food you eat to the functioning of your metabolism, is connected to your hormones. Hence it is important to understand what might be causing your weight issues.

1. Cortisol
Known as the stress hormone, increased amounts of cortisol make you feel hungrier which leads to weight gain. Those who are often stressed and don’t sleep well suffer from increased levels of cortisol.

2. Estrogen
Women tend to put on weight when they reach menopause because the body produces less estrogen. This can even cause obesity because a greater amount of calories are turned into fat.