How to Best Use Vicks Vaporub to Eliminate Belly Fat and Cellulite (Plus Many Other Uses)

Vicks is truly an amazing product and its uses are found for many different purposes. Most of the people are not aware of that so they usually use it for one or two solutions.

This cream has a tradition for more than 100 years and its effectiveness is well known to all of us.

In today’s article, you will find out 21 different uses that the Vicks cream can be extremely beneficial.

1. Puts Off Mosquitoes
If you have a problem with mosquitoes in the summertime, just apply some Vicks on your skin and even clothes and the mosquitoes won’t even come close to you.

2. Sinus Headaches
If you suffer from sinus headaches simply apply Viks under your nose and take a deep breath. The menthol will calm your headache very quickly.