How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally (Without Medicine)

There are two basic types of diabetes. The first type is called type one. It is caused by problems with the immune system, so there is no cure for it or any way to prevent it from happening to a person. In fact, most people who develop it have some close relative with the condition, which is why doctors believe that it may be related to genetics. The other type, type-two diabetes, is different though. It usually develops because of obesity and poor eating habits. And it is possible to control blood sugar naturally and reverse it.

One of the main problems with trying to treat type-two diabetes is that the prescription medications that doctors recommend that people with this condition take have a lot of harmful side effects. They can damage the kidneys and liver, cause incontinence, and even worsen a person’s condition instead of improving it. Because of this, many people are beginning to try out the following methods of how to control blood sugar naturally.

Hintonia latiflora is a tree that grows in dry, hot climates, such as Mexico. In the spring, it has white, billowing flowers along its branches that look like trumpets. But the bark is where its most important medicinal properties lie. Researchers in Germany who studied the bark found that when they gave an extract made from it to type-two diabetics, it improved their blood sugar levels as well as prescription medications. But being a good option for how to control blood sugar naturally wasn’t all it could do. It also lowered high cholesterol levels, decreased the risk of developing cataracts, and helped open up constricted blood vessels that diabetics commonly suffer with. And it didn’t cause any dangerous side effects.