How To Make Your Own Ginger Wrap and Burn Belly Fat Overnight

Here it is:


A ginger belly fat burning wrap.

First of all these are the things you will need to make this thing.

  1. Ginger in grated or powdered form depending on what is available at that moment. It doesn’t matter what form you use it in, just make sure you use an entire ginger’s worth of material.
  2. Hot water. Not boiling, but close.
  3. Body lotion. Anything that suits you well.
  4. Plastic wrap.
  5. Elastic band.

So how do you go on with it?

It is not rocket science and, more importantly, it works really well, really fast.

First, soak the towel in the hot water. Be careful with your hands. Then place said hot towel after wringing on the portion of the belly you want to reduce. And compress for a while, till you see sweat.

Next, add a sizeable amount of grated ginger or powdered ginger into the body lotion you have and create a uniform mixture.

Next, apply it on the fomented areas and put a plastic wrap on it tightly.

For best results, keep the wrap on for at least six hours or even better, overnight.

The area might be numb for a few hours or till you shower in the morning, but that means that it is working.

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent and has this effect on not only fat, but also mucus and has been used in and as a cough and cold medicine for centuries.

It also increases metabolism and helps the body cope with fat accumulation better. And the consequence of better metabolism is a lessened level of lethargy and stress which directly translates into healthier and more reasonable levels of cortisol.

Along with the wrap, you can add a little ginger to your tea if you are into tea. Indians have been doing it for centuries. It not only makes tea a bit more interesting, but also helps increase the effects of the wrap.