How Your Body Warns You That Your Adrenals are Burnt Out

However, there are ways to reverse the burnout:

  • Get a saliva test to check your cortisol level. It should be high during the morning but it should lower at night.
  • You should maintain a schedule every day right from waking up, to sleeping. Try having a 4-hour gap between meals.
  • Add more vegetables into your diet which are organic. Add coconut or olive oil, sea salt, and probiotics. Avoid gluten, white sugar, and coffee.
  • Have probiotic food to aid digestion.
  • Start using adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, holy basil, maca, and licorice root to lower stress levels.
  • Try to calm your mind before sleeping by meditation or yoga and then sleep well.
  • Start taking useful supplements like Vitamins B and C, Tulsi, blood sugar support, etc. to help with your health and stress levels.

If you can lower your stress and relax a bit then it will be much easier for you to deal with burnouts. So, start having your beauty sleep and de-stress yourself.