If You Do Have These Two Holes On Your Back, They You Are Special And This Is What They Mean

We all have different bodies, but some people have characteristics that others don’t. One of those unique characteristics are the holes on your lower back, otherwise known as ‘the dimple of Venus’.

Now, before you all start checking your back in the mirror, you should know that these beauty marks are more common on women. Nevertheless, there are some guys who have them, too – and it doesn’t mean you’re feminine or something.

Lateral Lumbal Indentations

These so-called Venus holes are the result of a small ligament stretching between the spine and skin. They are probably passed down to you from your mom because these characteristics are usually genetic.

Reaching the peak is a piece of cake

Several pieces of research have confirmed that women who have Venus holes tend to reach their peak during intimate activities easier than those who don’t. But you probably knew that already…