If You’re a Blood Type O, You Simply MUST Read This

Having a blood type O is a blessing in my opinion, and besides being the universal donor, here is what else you should know about your blood type and the benefits and characteristics it brings to your body and personality.

Blood type determination

Was first discovered in the 1900s by Karl Landsteiner. Blood types are classified according to the presence or absence of certain antigens in the blood. These antigens can make your immune system attack the antigens from the transfused blood and make a harm to the organism, if the transfused blood isn’t a match with your own blood. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to know your blood type ever since youngest age.

Universal donors

Actually, the only universal blood donors are the individuals with type O- blood. They can transfuse blood to all the blood types and all the sub-blood types -RH+ and RH-. The O+ blood type can only donate blood to blood types with a positive RH. A type O- blood is safest to be transfused to babies whose immune systems are not fully developed, such as premature born babies.