Knowing The Symptoms Of Liver Disease Could Save Your Life

Iit is important to understand the role of our liver is in our daily lives. A healthy liver is vital for survival. Understanding when and what to do if it gets damaged, really could save your life.

Your liver is your biggest organ and gland, it aids with digestion and removing toxins before they can enter the bloodstream. It plays a crucial role in a number of body system functions.

The modern liver is very much under attack, with bad diets, GMO food, sedentary lifestyles and constant abuse from toxins in the environment, alongside the heavy reliance on medical science and enforced medication, like antibiotics and vaccines. All of these contributing factors mean that the modern day liver is under threat. And most of us only become aware of the damage, once its too late.

In a healthy adult, a normal liver will weigh somewhere between 3 to 3.5 pounds.