Learn Which Teas Are Best For Your Blood Type

Blood Type 0
People with blood type 0 should avoid dairy products and gluten. You must have a healthy diet because you’re prone to have problems with stomach acids.

The best teas for you are hops, rose, hip, ginger, green tea, parsley, mint and dandelion tea.

Blood Type A
People with blood type A are emotional and prone to stress. Coffee isn’t very good for you and that’s why you should drink more herbal teas. Your diet should contain lots of fruits and veggies and you should relieve stress with yoga and meditation.

Jasmine, thyme, marigold, yarrow and green tea are perfect for you. You can also drink ginger and hawthorn tea.

Blood Type B
People who have blood type B have a slow metabolism and are prone to gaining weight. They need to take good care of their immune system.

The ideal teas for blood type B are: mint, parsley, birch leaves, yarrow and dandelion tea.

Blood Type AB
People with blood type AB are intuitive and stress resistant.

Green tea is perfect for you, but you can also try: mint, peony, chamomile, ginger, nettle and pomegranate tea.