Lemon Water Can Solve 13 Of These Problems That You Don’t Need Pills For

A lot of us follow one ritual in the morning: drinking a glass of warm water adding lemon in it. This is perhaps one of the best methods to ensure an intake of antioxidants and vitamins such as C and D. It also adds potassium and some carbohydrates to the body. A large number of people use this to reduce extra weight and most of them swear by using this method. But it is just a few individuals who know that this drink aids our digestion and immunity. It also reduces binge eating since it reduces cravings.

In case you are still not convinced, here are 13 benefits that might end up convincing you about the goodness of good old lemon juice:

1. Treatment of Acne
Fighting Acne becomes easy as lemon juice cleanses any impurities and acidic effects that cause acne. All you must do us rub lemon juice onto the skin gently.

2. Mitigates Formation of Kidney Stones
The potassium present in lemon increases the citrates in our urine, this results in stemming the formation of oxalates, the kidney-stone culprit.