Military Hacks That Save Previous Time And Money

Being in the army is what it makes a human complete, some people say. You learn dignity and respect, you strengthen up, you learn about discipline and productivity. Most of all, you learn about patience.

Here are some of the most useful army tricks that can save up your time, efforts and money. Originating from the US military, which is actually an older institution than the USA country, these hacks are probably worth giving a try to, right?

Duct tape your feet

Why? So you can avoid hot spots and blisters. Duct tape will prevent the areas of your feet that rub against the shoes the most from making unpleasant and hurtful wounds. The soldiers do this because the military boots are so heavy and uncomfortable!

Tie “the knot”

Tie some knots before the last holes of your shoes, especially the ones you wear the longest during the day, or in workout. You will prevent the laces going off-center or untying.