Natural remedy for getting rid of head lice overnight

It was this past friday after noon after I picked up my daughter from school that I discovered she had head lice. I was freaking out a little bit because it was my first time dealing with this situation . I called my mother who was vacationing in the Dominican Republic with my dad, and asked her what I should do. I didn’t want to buy any products until I have tried natural remedies first.

My mom of course helped me and my aunt as well who was in my house at the time. Between what they told me and what I have read in the internet, I found the perfect natural remedy to get rid of head lice over night! It’s amazing and the best part is that is natural, you know what you’re putting on your child’s hair and it really works!

I explained to my daughter what she had and what I was going to do in order to get rid of it. It’s always a good idea to explain to your kids what’s happening, this way they will be more calm about the situation.