Neuroscientists Suggest Women To Pay Attention To How Much They Sleep

Sleeping is very important for our overall health. A balanced sleep is helping us for our health, our energy throughout the day and we feel happy throughout the day when we have slept just enough that the body needs to. Sleep deprivation causes anxiety, depression, our overall health is lowering and we feel cranky throughout the day, but that also happens with oversleeping.

Men and women naturally have differences in their sleep hours, but it’s a well known fact that we need around 8 hours of sleep, but some researchers say something else. The new researchers say that 8 hours of sleep are not enough for us, and since women have more brain activity than men, women need to sleep longer.

The “extra beauty sleep” is very real, and women need more than 8 hours to completely rest. Add two hours more, and you’re done. These are the benefits of sleeping: