Never Ignore These Crucial Signs Of Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency in our body can cause serious ailments as it is an important nutrient that our body needs. Every person requires an adequate amount of iron content in the body, for it helps in the creation of red blood cells and increases our immunity level. The body does provide us with some necessary alarms, in case there is a possible iron deficiency in our body. A few of these symptoms are listed below:-

Excessive exhaustion and weariness
Increased stress and pressures of a hectic schedule can lead to increased lethargy and fatigue. At times, it is ignored by people, but one generally tends to feel weak and cranky throughout the day. The insufficiency of iron can be a reason behind this as there is a lack of a sufficient amount of oxygen reaching the body organs, thereby causing a tiring situation for the body.

Increased panting
Iron deficiency causes a lack of oxygen in our body. This might lead to anemia, causing the heart to pump up more blood to regulate oxygen deficiency. Thus, there is an irregular pumping of blood which causes frequent panting and increased heartbeat.