Nocturnal Leg Cramps– What Causes Them and What You Need to Do to Prevent Them

A quick question before we start – have you ever experienced this? If yes, then you probably already know that this is not a pleasant experience. You rub your leg and you pray that it would be over soon. Sometimes these cramps disappear in seconds, but the soreness will stay with you for 3-4 days.

The leg cramps at night, (the experts call them Nocturnal leg cramps) appear at night, due to lack of physical activity during the day. How this works – well, the experts warn that lack of blood flow to the legs is the most common reason for these cramps.

As we said, these annoying cramps last a few seconds. But, unfortunately, that’s more than enough to interrupt your sleep. People over 50 are most prone to these cramps. But, don’t get us wrong – youngsters can be affected as well. The nocturnal leg cramps usually affect the calf, but sometimes they can affect the thigh muscles as well.