Powder which has more antioxidants, iron and vitamins than most vegetables

The powder in question is in fact “spirulina” which is called “miracle powder of the sea”. It’s by no means surprise that it’s full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

It’s very much used by vegans and vegetarians because it’s very rich on proteins.

Why is this the case?
As many experts tell us, it’s because of cyanobacteria or a blue-green algae.  Cyanobacteria can be found almost anywhere nowadays. It’s present in oceans, damp soil, rocks with moisture on them, fresh water etc. A large amount of cyanobacteria which is for commercial use is extracted from Hawaii and parts of south America.

What form does it come in? It’s sold in pills or powder. Also it can be found in pure form or sometimes it’s combined with some other ingredients.