Put Some Baking Soda in Your Private Part and See What Happens

There are hundreds of intimate hygiene washes in the markets that guarantee to keep your private parts healthy and smell-free. Before you try any of them, remember that they’re packed with chemicals that can actually do harm to your delicate area.

Why don’t you make your own intimate wash? It’s super easy, extra cheap and it doesn’t contain any chemicals. All you need is baking soda. This miraculous white powder will help you fight vaginal infections and keep your private parts odor-free.

A woman’s private area is a little acidic in nature with a pH level of 3.5-4.5. When the level goes up or down, problems occur. Some of the problems that occur due to pH level imbalance include: excessive vaginal discharge, yeast infections, itching, foul odor and painful intercourse. Baking soda can help you restore your pH balance because it’s alkaline in nature. When an alkaline substance is mixed with something acidic, it neutralizes it. This means that when you use baking soda to wash your private parts, the baking soda will bring your vaginal pH balance to optimum level.