Recipes to Remove Pounds of Toxic Waste From Your Colon

The colon’s function is of an incredible value to your health in general, given that it’s an essential part of the digestive system, meaning you should take a really good care of it.

Dona Gates, who founded Body Ecology, says that keeping the colon and the digestive system healthy reinforces the health in general and secures your welfare.

The liver, which is the main organ when it comes to eliminating toxins out of the body, relies on a healthy colon in order to function in the most optimal way.

The colon gathers all the waste from the blood, the lymph system, the liver, the sinuses, the lungs, and the fecal matter that’s undigested, and removes them all from the organism.

Furthermore, all the nutrients (for example water, electrolytes, vitamins etc.) end up in the colon which can return them in the organism again so we can exploit their benefits.