Reflexology: Massage that can Heal the Entire Body

A famous Chinese proverb says “the smile comes from the feet.” Reflexology, a form of alternative medicine, is also based on this idea. All inflammatory diseases and processes in the body involve the accumulation of toxins, especially to the extremities of the body: soles and palms. Massaging them releases the tension from certain points and implicitly from the affected organs.

What is actually reflexology?

Reflexology is a localized massage, generally performed on the soles, palms and earlobes. It is a rather advanced technique, because regardless of the massaged area, a precise map of the key energy points must be followed. Basically, at an inch’s gap, the points of different organs can be found, which is why precision is essential.

When you want to talk to a reflexotherapist, he will first make a diagnosis and general analysis of your health. He will perform a generalized massage to see which points are the highest accumulations of toxins. The first reflexotherapy sessions are always painful, because touching key areas stimulates local circulation and nerves. Gradually, once the treatment progresses, pain and discomfort will diminish.