Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover In Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How

A Russian scientist DR Sergei Bubnovskiy have recently uncovered the most amazing and simple way to solve health issues for people who experience regular cold and flu and for those who need to improve their immune system. According to Bubnovskiy, if you soak your feet in ice cold water for ten to fifteen seconds every day, you will experience an amazing impact on your immune system, thereby, prevent health issues including colds and flu.

In order to do the treatment you will need to put water in a basin and add ice. The more ice you put the better. Remember that the water must be ice cold before you put your feet in it. Keep the feet inside the basin for 10-15 seconds and repeat the process every day. For people with a very low immune system, repeat the process every 4 hours. This method became so popular in a short period of time, and scientists started making studies and researches about it. A recent study showed that water stimulates norepinephrine production. This is one of the most important hormones for improving the immune system.