Signs of Cervical Cancer: Should You Panic

People often panic just speaking and thinking about cancer; after all, cancer is a deadly disease. However, the good news is that cervical cancer falls into a different category. As in, cancer that you can prevent and detect very early with regular Pap tests. If you detect cervical cancer early, it’s one of the most successfully treatable cancers.

So what are the signs of cervical cancer? And should you panic? Let’s look at the numbers first.

Cervical cancer facts sheet

In 2014, the British Center for Cancer estimated that there were 265,000 deaths due to cervical cancer. In Europe alone, there were 24,000 deaths.
In the UK, for example, there are around 800 deaths due to cervical cancer per year, which is more than 2 deaths per day.
Of all cancer deaths, cervical cancer accounts for only 1%.
More than half of deaths due to cervical cancer are in females aged 65 and more.
Since the first signs of cervical cancer in the early 1970s, mortality rates have decreased by more than 70%.
Mortality rates of cervical cancer are expected to fall by an additional 7% by 2035.
Cervical cancer is more common in women living in deprived areas.
Prevention of cases with cervical cancer is close to 100%.
If you have cervical cancer, the chances of survival are almost 63%. Of course, that depends on the stage and type of cervical cancer