Signs That Your Kidneys Are Not Working Properly

Living in a busy world like today makes you miss the most important call of all – the call your own body sends to you. That something in there is just not functioning right.

Here are the most common signs that your kidneys are not working at their full capacity:

Shortness of breath 
Shortness of breath due to kidney disease can happen out of two factors: first, anemia makes your body to lose oxygen, and second, extra fluid in the body can move in the lungs when the kidneys are not working at their full capacity

Back pain
The kidneys are located deep right below the rib cage. If you have back pain, you could have cysts in your kidneys. You might be feeling sick and also have high body temperature along with your back pain if the cause are your kidneys. The back pain usually happens suddenly and without a fever if it’s not related to a kidney disease