Simple Medical Tests You Can Do To Check Your Health

As we grow older and reach above our 30’s, regular annual medical check-ups are something that everyone should do. As a prevention or simply, a measurement of caution. However, you don’t always have time or medical insurance to cover these check-ups.

That’s why we suggest you take of yourself – by yourself.

There are “special tests” that are quite simple, that you can do by yourself and without any need for buying stuff in order to diagnose an illness or some other disfunction.

Here they are – completely free, because we care about your health and wellbeing!

For stroke and dementia
The only thing you’ll need in order to do this test is a timer. Lift up your leg, making your hip parallel with the floor and start the timer. If you can be in that position for 20 or more minutes, you shouldn’t worry about stroke or dementia. If you have trouble to maintain the balance, it is an indication for future problems with dementia or higher chances of stroke, because you might have problems with vessels in the brain.