Simple Ways To Detox Your Body Through Your Feet

Overtime, our body tends to take up a lot of toxins. It needs to go through proper cleansing. Cleansing does not work just by going into a bath. It requires certain techniques which will help you get the best out of whatever method you use. In ancient civilizations, cleansing was given a lot of value. Since there was no specific medicine targeting specific germs of the body, thus, cleansing processes were the only way to treat their bodily diseases.

In China, there were certain foot baths that were used to cleanse your body. According to the Chinese healing philosophy, our body has a couple of energy zones which are connected with internal organs. These are the three most recommended foot baths that can cleanse your body from any toxins:

Salt Detox Bath

Sea Salt: 1 cup
Epsom Salt: 1 cup
Baking Soda: 2 cups
Essential oil of your choice: A few drops

How To Make It?

Boil the water and mix all of the ingredients in it until all of it is dissolved. Now, let it cool down and soak the feet in it for 30 minutes. It will detoxify your entire body and make your skin smooth. Plus, you get a boost of energy too.