Sit On The Toilet With One Eye Closed. Your Nights Will Never Be The Same

It is familiar that our body is working all the time, adapting to its environment or repairing some damage. We can show you some tricks that are funny or superpowers to help you outsmart it.

In the middle of the night if you wake up to go to the bathroom, try to keep only one eye open. If the bright light from the bulb enters both eyes, your body will think it is time to wake up and so you will have more difficulties to fall asleep again. But if you keep one eye closed, your brain will adjust much easier to the darkness and you will be able to fall asleep faster.

The right way to swallow pills

When you swallow medications if you have problem you should try this: firstly put the pill in your mouth and then lean your head forward before you swallow. When you lean your head forward, your swallow reflex is activated and your body should swallow the pill on its own.

Pull on your ear

Next time when you had a headache, don’t massage your temples. Instead, pull your ear. Namely, you help release tension around your eyebrows, when you rub your temples, while the nerve pathways around your ears can relax the whole body. So you should take your ear between your thumb and forefinger and pull gently.