Stop Using Vaseline Immediately

There’s not a single medicine cabinet that doesn’t contain Vaseline, I’m sure of that. However, this popular product is more harmful than you could ever imagine!

What is Vaseline actually? It is the medical name for what’s actually petroleum jelly. It is actually a byproduct of the oil refining process.

It was discovered in the mid 1800’s, coating at the bottom of oil rings. Having this in mind, is it something that you would want to put directly on your skin? But, it is so widely spread in the cosmetic industry, because it is easily and cheaply found, you would be astonished.

You could read there’s Vaseline in lotions, skin care creams and even baby products. The problem with the heavy petroleum jelly is that it is so heavy, it blocks the breathability of the pores and thus, locks the toxins and bacteria that should go out, inside. But that’s not all.