Stop Washing Your Hair In The Wrong Way, Here’s How You Should Do It

You may be washing your hair every day to keep it clean and nurtured, but you may be doing that completely wrong. Your hair’s shine, bounce and health depend a lot on the correct washing technique. However, making some common mistakes may mean damage to your hair without knowing it.

In this article, you will find tips on how to properly wash your hair. These tips were provided by the best hair experts in New York.

1. The first step is rinsing

Wet your hair completely before using shampoo. Your hair needs rinse like the laundry need water before adding detergent. The cuticle of the hair will open with hot water. This is excellent for cleansing the hair from any product or dirt in it. Moreover, rinsing the hair with warm water will loosen the natural oils through the scalp and the open pores will allow the oil in the conditioner to be absorbed.