STUDY: A Pinch of Turmeric as Effective as an Hour of Exercise

Exercising is the crucial component of having a fit body. But, recent studies indicate that turmeric extract is also beneficial for maintaining cardiovascular health. It is especially beneficial in women who are facing age-related negative changes in the arteries.

While conventional medicine denies turmeric’s health benefits and doctors avoid recommending it to their patients, number of studies indicate that turmeric provides great effects in cases of cardiovascular diseases.

According to last year’s study by the American Journal of Cardiology, turmeric extract reduces the heart attacks after bypass by 56%. The study supports a previous 2012 study according to which curucmin is proven to be effective in improving the vascular function in women after menopause similar to aerobic training.

Another study published in journal Nutrition Research included 32 women after menopause and lasted for 8 weeks. They were divided in 3 groups: curcumin, exercise and non-treatment control.

The researchers examined the health of the inner lining of the blood vessels which is known as endothelium by using ultrasound to measure the flow-mediated arterial dilation which shows the arterial elasticity and endothelial function.