The Acupressure Point on Your Ear That Relieves Stress Like no Other

The 21st century can be stressful. It can be your office work or college – but things are racing ahead fast and it’s turning into a tension-filled journey. We could all do something to get us free from stress.

Acupuncture has the answer. Our body has some specific points which are called de-stress points.  If you massage these points, it will release endorphins in your brain and make you feel relaxed and happy. It also helps your immune system – so being happy is good for you. Our ears actually have such a point that could de-stress us if we massage it properly.

The de-stressing spot

The Shen men point of our ear is deeply connected to our body functions. Located at the center of the top third area of the ear – it’s called the Gates of Heaven for a reason. Massage it properly and you can feel your body going light as air. Whenever you feel stressed out, don’t keep it in. Start massaging and feel the endorphins bursting in your body – release stress and lead a happy life. Dr. Sandomirsky already has some advice for you.