The Best Tea For You, According To Your Blood Type

Each blood type has a specific story attached to it. For example, did you know Blood O is the most ancient blood type existing right now? It could be traced back to the hunter and gatherer era of human history. 15,000 years ago, the Blood Type A appeared when the people moved from hunting to agriculture. With the influx of using dairy products as food, we developed the Blood Type B. Blood Type AB, which is the most recent, is a combo of both A and B Blood Types.

Due to the uniqueness of each blood type, there are certain foods which are suitable for specific blood types. Similarly, our homemade tea should be different for each blood type. Here are the kinds of tea that each blood type should have:

Tea For Blood Type O
Blood Type O people should steer clear from gluten or dairy-based products. That’s because they tend to get a lot of stomach acid. Sticking to a healthy diet is best for them. Parsley, ginger, mint, dandelion, hip, hops, rose and green tea are best for them.