The Best Tea For You, According To Your Blood Type

Tea For Blood Type A
Blood Type A people are generally emotional and hence, they can become stressed easily. Hence, stimulants like caffeine found in coffee are not the greatest thing for you to consume. Also, you should have lots of vegetables and fruits paired with meditation and yoga to keep your destressed. Go for herbal teas for your emotional well-being. Thyme, jasmine, green, yarrow and marigold teas are ideal for you. If you want, hawthorn and ginger tea are fine to consume too.

Tea for Blood Type B
Blood Type B generally has a problem related to their weights. They do not have the best metabolism and so, they tend to gain a lot more weight. This eventually results in many health-based problems along with psychological issues. All you need to do is boost your immune system in some way. Go for certain kinds of tea which are best for you: parsley, dandelion,birch leaves, mint and yarrow tea.

Tea For Blood Type AB
Being one of the most modern blood types, these people have some great traits. They have a strong sense of intuition. Even stress doesn’t seem to affect them much. Green tea is best for them. They can also go for: chamomile, nettle, peony, mint, pomegranate and ginger tea.

So, get the best kind of tea suitable for you!