The Real Reasons You Can’t Get Pregnant

Stressing out.

You’ve been trying and nothing happens. This can add up additional stress, to you and your partner as well. Also, science has proved that stress makes much more problems to the males, because their tolerance of failure and miss-achievement is far lower than in women’s.

Using the wrong lubricant.

The pH level of the lubricant you use can also be a factor for not getting pregnant. The appropriate pH level to look for on lubricant packs is between 7.2 and 8.0. magnesium ions and calcium that some of the lubricants contain imitate the body’s own natural fluids.
Consuming too many trans fats

You are what you eat. And eating food that just doesn’t have the right amount of vitamins and minerals crucial for the body, can also be a major issue for not getting pregnant. Trans fats that you most likely are getting too much, from pizza, French fries, chicken nuggets, chips, unhealthy sweets and other snacks can negatively impact fertility.  Try replacing the cravings for unhealthy foods with giving the body a banana, whole grain snacks and nuts instead.

Your mass index is low

Both, low body index and obesity can be a problem for reproduction. But, low body index ads on the risk of ovarian dysfunction, infertility, irregular periods and preterm birth. Body fats are necessary for menstrual cycles to occur and are directly connected with the production of other hormones as well.