The Time You Wake-Up Can Reveal About Your Body And Emotional Health

Our body has an internal clock which helps us in getting our precious sound sleep. When we sleep properly, we don’t really wake up that easily unless we have had a solid 6-8 hours of sleep – which is what our body ideally requires. But there are instances when we might wake up all of a sudden in the night.

Maybe a loud car passing by or the scratching outside the room causes it. That is fine. But if you wake up automatically at a specific time in the night, then there might be some issue with your body-mind connection, as per the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). When our internal clock gets disrupted, then we might start waking up at odd times during our sound sleep phase.

Traditional Chinese Medicine puts these 5 periods of waking up and points out what could be the problem:

Problems in the Endocrine System: 9 pm to 12 pm
Our glands work together to form the Endocrine system. It controls all the hormonal actions of our body. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist, Monda Dan, this happens to be the ideal time when you should go to bed and fall asleep. Under natural circumstances, you won’t have a problem to fall asleep during this time. However, if you do find it difficult, then you might have a hormonal imbalance in your body. Cortisol, the stress hormones, might be more in your blood and might be acting on your body constantly. Meditation and relieving stress are key to solving this.