The Top 5 Essential Oils For Hormone Balance

You guys know that I love exploring the many uses and benefits of essential oils.  I started using them years ago in my soap making and found that each essential oil has its own healing effect for a variety of ailments.  The benefits of using essential oils for hormone balance are plentiful and really helpful for those who suffer from the many effects of hormonal imbalance related to menstrual problems and PMS.

Hormonal imbalance in a nutshell
Can we all agree that hormonal imbalance is no walk in the park, especially if you suffer from painful periods? You normally have two primary hormones that regulate your cycle. These are estrogen in the first half of your cycle and progesterone in the second phase of your cycle. If these hormones are imbalanced you suffer from several painful or uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, essential oils contain important properties that remedy hormonal irregularities. So, how amazing is it that we can balance hormones with the holy grail of natural remedies? This simple guide details the top essential oils for hormonal balance.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Hormone Balance

Clary sage oil
One of the key causes of hormonal imbalance is excess estrogen production in the body, a condition that is known as estrogen dominance. Many women use seed cycling to balance their hormones. The downside to this approach is that an over-consumption can lead to estrogen dominance. Fortunately, you can use clary sage oil to regulate the production of estrogen without worrying about over consumption. A PubMed study reported that clary sage was effective in regulating hormone production.