These Six Herbs Can Help You Fight Inflammation And Boost Brain Health

Here you have  6 herbal supplements which can fight inflammation and improve your overall health:

Ginger to fight inflammation
According to some studies made, the ginger can relieve morning sickness and neutralize the side-effects of chemotherapy. They have also found that ginger extract works far better than Dramamine in cases of motion sickness. In order to  treat this unpleasant problem, add ¼-1 teaspoon of ginger extract in a pot of water and drink the tea with some honey. You can as well take 500 mg. of the extract in the form of pills before travelling or 4 hours before the trip’s end. But, you will need to be wary of ginger in cases of pregnancy. Do not use more than 2 gr. per day to treat problems such as morning sickness, but never anything more than that.