This 2 Ingredients Mixture Will Remove All The Fat & Kill Parasites From Your Body

There is an easy way to remove the parasites and all fat from your body by using 2 ingredients that all of us have probably have in our kitchens.

People think that stored energy is only body fat. It is advisable to follow a very strict diet to use it burn fat deposits. Other reserves of energy, like glycogen and proteins have negative impact on burning fat process.

Many people know about stress eating. But, stress is not the only thing that can lead to food cravings, but parasites in the stomach can result in intense craving for food. When eating too much sweets, your body is loaded with mucus that is a good environment for, bacteria, fungi, parasites and other pathogens.

There is a natural remedy that can help you get rid of parasites and the fat accumulates in your body


  • 10g of dried cloves
  • 100g of linseed