This ACV And Cayenne Pepper Mixture Can Heal Knee, Bone And Joint Pain

What is arthritis? It is a disease that affects the joint tissues (it is also called polyarthritis if several joints are affected). It’s still not found what exactly causes the rheumatoid arthritis. For now, we only know that this process triggered by chronic infection causes autoimmune damage, a condition when the immunity of a person attacks their own joints.

On the other side, the metabolic issues are the ones that also take important part here. When the joints are affected, that happens symmetrically, to the both elbows or both knees. People suffering from arthritis start to feel discomfort right after they wake up, this is because the pain gets stronger while resting, and the worst thing is that if there isn’t a proper treatment the joints will continue to be more and more damaged.

Patients often are worried what would they do if the rheumatoid arthritis does not respond to the prescribed therapy, also they are not familiar with all the treatment options.