This Drink Is Full of Cancer Causing Chemicals and Can Destroy Your Bones

Although everyone knows that drinking soda has many health risks, people continue consuming the sugar-filled beverage. Did you know that more than 75 billion dollars worth of soda is sold every year? This led to increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, tooth decay etc.

Wondering whether to drink that can of soda? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. Soda causes fat gain
Drinking non-diet soda can lead to an increase of fat buildup around the skeletal muscles and liver. This leads to diabetes. One Danish study shows that people who drank ordinary soda, every day for 6 months, had an increased liver fat, triglyceride blood fat, skeletal fat and increased cholesterol.

2. Soda can cause osteoporosis
All sodas, regular and diet, contain phosphoric acid or phosphates, compounds that improve the soda’s shelf life. Too much phosphoric acid can cause muscle loss, kidney problems, osteoporosis and can accelerate the aging process. It can also cause bone loss while the caffeine can interfere with the calcium absorption. Drinking too much soda can decrease your bone density and increase the risk of getting osteoporosis.