This Feet Trick Will Reset Your Metabolism And Your Body’s Circulation For The Next Day

We often fuss about the skin on our face if there is acne. Or we lament the loss of hair which is natural due to aging. But which part of our body do we neglect the most? Yes, our feet, even though they carry us around all day! We torture our feet with uncomfortable shoes in the name of style and do not bother to take care of them. Your toes can support half your body weight. Isn’t that amazing? No wonder ballet dancers can glide with élan! They know the secret foot story surely.

Feet Reflexology Is The Trick
This is a healing process specific to the Chinese medicine tradition of the past. Foot reflexology has proved to be beneficial to many. Applying pressure to particular areas on the feet will cure some physical illnesses. This special massage will not only give strength to your feet but also your whole body. Some researchers have concluded that foot reflexology can improve your sleeping pattern, boost your metabolism, reduce headaches, keep blood pressure under control, and improve blood circulation.