Position C

For these people, comfort comes first. When they want to buy something, they usually think about it for days and days and dwell on the right option because they want everything to be perfect and to go smoothly. When it comes to choosing clothes, shoes, perfumes, or furniture, they are very picky.

They are chronically disorganized, but they know how to function in a messy environment. They have a problem focusing and they have a wandering mind. This may seem arrogant to others because no one likes the other side not paying attention to what you’re saying.

Position D

People who prefer this sitting position don’t like to be late and dislike this characteristic in others. This is an intelligent and vulnerable individual whose tranquility is of utmost importance. They don’t like to quarrel with people and they feel uncomfortable expressing too many emotions publically. To them, a kiss is something intimate and they find it unpleasant to kiss in front of other people.

People who sit in this position and step on the whole foot are open and don’t have problem expressing how they feel. At times, they can be a bit rude. Those who don’t rely on the whole foot don’t have a problem confronting people. To them, socializing is similar to a battlefield and they need to be cautious of their enemies who could make their life difficult. Their home is their sanctuary where they can fully unwind. They have a hard time accepting criticism because they consider it to be a personal attack and they will immediately start defending themselves.

Position E

These people are never in a hurry and they believe that everything will come at the right time. They’re stubborn and persistent and never give up until they achieve their goal. To them, their outer appearance is crucial and they’re ready to invest a lot of effort to look as better as possible. However, this could be a sign of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. They also have a hard time accepting criticism.